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The uncertainties of the forex market have troubled USA Forex Traders. Unexpected news and sudden announcements of closure by some Prop Firms have increased the agitation.

It is necessary to restore the trust in pro trading firms hence we decided to mention top prop firms for USA Traders so they can elevate their trading journey and access massive trading capital to gain maximum profit.

We have mentioned the best prop firms for USA traders and you don’t need to worry anymore. In this Blog, we will tell you everything about the best prop firms for USA Traders, their features, the differences among them and why they are the most preferred ones.

What are the Best Prop Trading Firms for USA Traders? – Our Choice

1. Forex Prop Firm (FPF): The Best of Best

If you’re a forex trader who values straightforward experience, Forex Prop Firm (FPF) could be your ideal partner. They specialize in forex trading and offer a clear-cut challenge structure. Their profit split is also higher than the competitors. 

FPF provides a solid platform for traders who want to concentrate on mastering the forex market. Every operation at FPF is transparent and the community engagement is great. With credible reviews and testimonials, higher profit share, minimum drawdown and convenient scaling plan, FPF is our best among the best.

2. Topstep: The Established Name

Topstep is a heavyweight in the prop trading world, known for its long-standing reputation of 12+ years and multiple funding options. Whether you’re a pro trader or a beginner looking to kickstart our trading journey, Topstep offers a variety of account sizes to match your experience level. 

Their commitment to educating traders about every new trend and trading strategy with legitimate resources ensures that traders will be well-equipped to tackle every challenge. Topstep is Known for catering to both experienced and beginner traders with a variety of account sizes and educational resources.

3. SurgeTrader: The All-Star for Instrument Variety

Do you have a multi-market trading strategy? Then SurgeTrader might be your perfect match.  SurgeTrader offers a diverse selection of instruments, including stocks, forex, and futures. This diversity allows forex traders to trade across different assets and discover their niche in the market to maximize their trading potential.

4. Funded Next: The Budget-Conscious Choice

Let’s face it, funding challenges can be a barrier to entry. Funded Next understands this, offering some of the most competitive challenge costs on the market. This makes them an attractive option for traders who want to test their skills without breaking the bank and have a limited budget. They also provide valuable educational resources, Funded Next provides affordable opportunities for traders to launch their prop trading careers at minimal costs.

5. My Forex Funds: The Scalability Specialist

My Forex Funds caters to traders of all experience levels, but their unique account structure deserves a closer look. They offer a variety of account sizes, with the profit split potentially increasing as your account grows. This encourages traders to perform consistently and rewards successful traders with a more substantial share of the profits.

Best Prop Firms for USA Traders – Quick Comparison

FeatureTopstepSurgeTraderFunded NextMy Forex FundsForex Prop Firm (FPF)
Minimum Account Size$50,000$10,000$5,000$5,000$10,000
Funding ChallengeYes YesYesYesYes
Challenge CostVaries by Account Size$200-$600$99-$299Varies by Account Size$90-$360
Instruments TradedFuturesFutures, Forex, StocksFutures, ForexForexForex, Indices and digital assets
Profit SplitVaries by Account (typically 80:20)80:2080:20Varies by Account Size90:10 – 100:0
Max DrawdownVaries by AccountVaries by AccountVaries by AccountVaries by AccountVaries by Account
FocusExperienced Traders & BeginnersExperienced TradersAll LevelsAll LevelsAll Levels
SupportLive Support, Educational ResourcesLive SupportEducational ResourcesLive SupportLibe support & Educational Resources

Best Prop Firm According to Some Key Features

Capital Accessibility: 

FPF stands out with its generous initial funding of $400K and a 95% profit share, offering traders substantial trading power and flexibility.

Trading Conditions: 

SurgeTrader offers lenient rules and a profit split of up to 90%, making it an attractive option for traders looking for versatility and profitability. FPF also offers restriction-free conditions to empower traders.

Challenge Profit Share: 

Funded Next’s 15% challenge profit share and lack of time limits provide traders with a flexible and rewarding trading environment. FPF offers 10% virtual profit in the challenge phase.

Why should you prefer a Forex Prop Firm (FPF)?

FPF emerges as the premier choice among prop firms for USA traders, offering a range of unmatched benefits:


Our list of best prop firms for USA Traders is based solely on our observations. We came up with this list to help the trading community decide their prop firm. We advise traders to evaluate their trading strategies, goals, preferences, and availability before selecting the best prop firm that aligns with their objectives.

Each firm offers certain advantages but Forex Prop Firm (FPF) is our standout choice because of its massive trading capital, high-profit share, credibility and restriction-free trading conditions.