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FPF Scaling Plan

Every 10% profit make you eligible to re-invest 100% of the profit in the scaling plan and upgrade to the next step.
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Simple, No complicated scheme designed to never get you more funding. We hate prop firm that make things so complicated just to take advantage of you. We will never do that. From Step 6 ($1,000,000), your profit split will be upgraded to 95%, on Step 9 ($10,000,000) you will reach 97.5% and Step 10 ($XX,000,000) you will reach 100% profit share!

Scale your Account to $10 MILLION REAL FUNDING!

Find out our scalping plan explained by Ajwad (The Falcon Trader) in the case study video below!

What Traders say about ?


No, Scaling up process is only for Funded Accounts.

Yes, you can scale up Instant Funded Accounts.

Yes, currently the lowest balance to scale up is $25,000 accounts. But if you have a $10,000 Instant funded account then, you will need to invest 12.5% of $10,000 to scale up your account to a $25,000 account.

From this point on, it will follow the same procedure as stated in our Scaling Plan.

No, the scaling process is not automatic. But the choice of the funded trader, he/she can choose to scale up or withdraw the profits.

It will take 24-48 hours (business hours) after it has been confirmed for the scale up process.

No, you can’t withdraw 10% and scale up at the same time. The 10% is the scale up fee and will be taken from the account by the firm if a trader wants to scale up the account.

To request a scale up on your funded account ; you need to invest 10% of your account size that you make on your funded account.

This 10% needs to be from your profit share on the funded account. Therefore,you will need to make bit more than 10% on the funded account according to the profit split that you get on your funded account

After you have more than enough, you can send us a scale up request on our email: [email protected] with your account number.

The 2% requirement is only for going from Step 5 to Step 6.

From Step 6 onwards, it will follow the same procedure of 10% reinvest.

Yes, you will get a new account when you scale up.