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In a surprising turn of events, The Funded Trader, a prominent prop trading firm, suddenly announced pausing its operation temporarily. This sudden announcement has left its trading community uncertain. 

TFT Trading Community is raising numerous questions about the immediate closing of the prop firm and the reasons behind it. Traders are desperate to know the implications for affected traders and credible alternatives.

Forex Market is filled with rumours about The Funded Trader, which is currently in the news for its bankruptcy, cited operational challenges and temporary closure. Let’s delve into the insights about the closure of TFT and which instant funding prop firm can be the best TFT alternative.

The Funded Trader’s Closure

The Funded Trader is a renowned prop trading firm and has been the priority of many traders because of its long-standing presence in the forex industry. The news of instant closure shocked the trading community.

A message about temporary closure along with a countdown is visible on the website of the funded trader. It’s not clear what the countdown is for.

It’s mentioned that the closure is temporary and traders can hope for a revamped version but despite promises, lots of questions linger about the timing and reasons behind this unexpected step.

Unpacking the Reasons Behind the Closure

With the temporary pause in operations of The Funded Trader which is probably for a relaunch as their source says, concerns are increasing every passing hour due to a wave of complaints from their traders. Multiple Reports of payout denials and complaints about unresponsive customer support are telling a different story and this scenario is casting doubts on the firm’s integrity and reliability.

Addressing the Possibilities

Possibility #1:

The Funded Trader prop firm will be relaunched with a different look and better version, as claimed by the CEO.

Possibility #2:

TFT is already under attack by Allegations of being a scam, even after the CEO attempts to reassure traders of a relaunch and promises to address community concerns. However, scepticism remains high because of past experiences and similar incidents in the forex industry.

Impact on TFT Traders

If the pause is temporary the traders will have a sigh of relief but things do not seem well and the funded trader’s credibility is at stake and traders will not be trusting this prop firm anymore.

With thousands of traders affected by The Funded Trader’s closure, the forex community is agitating because of possible consequences. Many traders are looking for credible alternatives to continue their trading journey and protect their investments.

A Glimpse into Alternatives

Due to the chaos created by the sudden closure, traders are seeking credible instant funding prop firms as alternatives to secure their investments. Forex Prop Firm could be your choice to restore trust as FPF emerges as a frontrunner in the trading industry with years of experience. 

What is the difference between FPF & TFT?

AspectThe Funded TraderFPF
TransparencyLack of clarityTransparent and clear communication
ReliabilityUncertain futureConsistent operations
Customer SupportUnresponsiveResponsive and supportive

The Perks of Choosing FPF


As a well-wisher of the forex industry, we hope for the betterment of the traders who are affected by all the recent turmoil.  Forex Prop Firm is the silver lining in the dark clouds of the traders who have risked their investments. Traders seeking an alternative to continuing their trading journey can trust FPF to cope with the loss due to this unexpected closure of The funded trader prop firm.