$75,000 Payouts in the Last 7 Days - FPF!

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75000 payout

In the last 7 days, the Forex traders community has witnessed some groundbreaking news. Some traders received news which were unexpected as well as worse than any imagination, like the Sudden closure of TFT

On the other hand, traders affiliated with credible instant funding prop firms such as Forex prop firm-FPF have witnessed another triumph of processing payouts worth $75,000 in just 7 days.

These days when various prop firms are losing their reliability, Forex prop Firm stands firm as the frontrunner and keeping their operations transparent than ever.

ForexPropFirm.Com (FPF) is a beacon of excellence, especially when it comes to delivering exceptional payouts to its traders. 

Let’s delve into the details of our most recent accomplishment where we successfully process an incredible amount of payouts. We’re proudly the top choice for traders looking for reliability, transparency, and, most importantly, lucrative payouts.

Unveiling the Numbers

We have a new addition in our history of processing successful payouts. We’ve achieved incredible numbers in just 7 days. Yes! We have processed an impressive $75,000 in payouts for our amazing traders. 

With all the proof of this substantial sum, our milestone is a testament to the Forex prop firm’s commitment to its traders’ empowerment and financial success.

Transparent Proof

At FPF, transparency is paramount. To showcase our dedication to integrity, all proof of payouts has been transparently posted in our Telegram and Discord Payout channels. Traders can easily access and verify the payouts, ensuring complete trust and confidence in FPF’s operations.

Evolve Your Trading Experience

Forex prop firms are not only processing huge payouts but also empowering traders to maximize their trading potential. 

With multiple funding models, including challenge programs and instant funding options, FPF provides flexibility and opportunities for growth like no other prop firm.

Why Choose FPF?

ForexPropFirm.Com stands out as the best proprietary firm in the forex market for several reasons:

$400K Initial Funding & 95% Profit Share: 

Forex prop Firm provides initial funding upto $400,000 with 95% profit share from day one for all skilful forex traders so they can maximize their trading potential and profitability.

No Time Limit & Restrictions: 

Forex prop firm is different from other firms as we do not impose any time limits on our traders. We believe in the freedom of traders so they can trade according to their convenience and stay stress free.

Forex prop firm has eliminated daily drawdown restrictions, giving you the flexibility of decisions and to trade without limitations.

Balance-Based Drawdown, Raw Spreads, and Low Commissions: 

Our trading conditions are designed to benefit our traders. With balance-based drawdown, raw spreads, and low commissions, you can trade efficiently and cost-effectively.

Unique Funding Models:

At FPF, we offer two unique funding models to cater to different trading styles:

1-Step Model Evaluation Process: 

Achieve a virtual profit target of 10% with no time limit to start trading on a funded account with a 90% profit split.

2-Step Model Evaluation Process: 

Prove your trading ability in 2 phases with realistic virtual profit targets to start trading with a 90% virtual profit split.

The BEST Payout System:

Our default payout ratio is set to 90:10 for traders who successfully pass one of our challenges and 80:20 in your favour for the Instant Funded account. The payout ratio can increase up to 100:0 based on your performance.


With over $75,000 in payouts distributed in the last 7 days, FPF continues to set the standard for credibility in the forex industry. 

Trust, transparency, and reliability of our traders keep us going. The combined efforts of our team and 4,100 Traders are the cornerstones of our operations and ensure the efficiency of our system. You can also be a part of our celebration. How? We are eager to welcome traders who want to celebrate their success with us. Join us to begin your trading journey!