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We use an award-winning, registered broker with some of the best spreads on the market to execute all simulated transactions for all programs. This allows you to trade key currency pairs virtually with no spread and no commission when trading stocks, commodities, digital assets, or indices! This blog is a must-read for Americans who no longer have access to FTMO trading. For those people, FPF is no less than a ray of hope for the best, profitable, and seamless trading experiences. Forex Prop Firm is the best prop firm for the USA and here is a detailed guide to why we are saying this!

What Makes FPF The Best FTMO Alternative?

● 10% Profit made from the challenge

● No time limit / no minimum trading days

● No Daily Drawdown (The only prop firm)

● No consistency rules or rules designed to make you fail

● $6M+ in payouts proof

● 90% Profit Share on Funded Challenge and 80% on Instant Funding from Day 1

● 1,000+ Instruments (Digital Assets/Fx, Indices, Metals and Stocks)

● Instant Credentials & Auto upgrade between Phase I and Phase II

● Payouts approved in less than 24 hours

● Ea’s, News Trading, Holding Positions Overnight/Weekend all accepted

● Balance Based Drawdown

● No Lot Size Limit

Phase 1

Why FPF is the best alternative to FTMO during Phase 1 of the Challenge

Simulated Gain Target10%10%
Min Trading Days0 day4 days
Max Trading PeriodUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Daily Simulated Loss4%5%
Max Overall Simulated Loss6%10%

Phase 2

Why FPF is the best alternative to FTMO during Phase 2 of the Challenge

Simulated Gain Target8%5%
Min Trading Days5 days4 days
Max Trading Period35 daysUnlimited
Max Daily Simulated LossNone5%
Max Overall Simulated Loss12%10%

Live account

Why FPF is the best alternative to FTMO when having a Live account

% split90/1080/20
Challenge FeeYesYes
News TradingYesNo
Swing TradingYesNo
100k Price499$540 €

The USPs of FPF And FTMO

●     FPF

Trustworthy, 8 Years In Industry, $6M+ Payouts History & Secured

By constantly paying attention to customer input and making improvements along the way, FPF has grown from its debut on January 1st, 2022, to become a powerhouse in the simulated trading industry with over 3,000 funded traders, over $6 million in rewards, over 100 interviews with traders, and over 500 favourable reviews! With eight years of industry experience (since 2016) and a platform and technology developed by traders, for traders, you can be sure that FPF is a safe option for your trading pursuits. We consistently honour our commitments, overcome obstacles, and compensate our traders.

No Restrictions On Your Simulated Trading

One of our commitments at FPF is to consistently ensure that our traders have favourable trading circumstances. News, Extended Overnight, Extended Weekend, and Expert Advisors are permitted. There are over 1,000 trading instruments, no stop loss requirements, no relative drawdown, no lot size limit, and no consistency rule. It is up to you to rule the virtual trading world. Additionally, with commission-free spreads that are transparent and listed below Trade simulation, The goal of the FPF simulated trading environment is NOT to cause traders to fail.

Earn 10% Virtual Profit From The Beginning

One of the top prop firms in the sector is Forex Prop Firm. We Offer 10% virtual gains as an incentive to all traders who complete one of our Evaluations and become financed. 10% of your virtual profits from the challenge, less your refundable fee, will be paid to you at your first payout.

Best Payout System

For all FPF Traders, the default payout ratio at the best prop firm for the USA is 80:20 in your favour for the Instant Funded account and 90:10 for the trader who completes one of our challenges. Requests for payouts are accepted every 15 days, and they are handled within 1–5 business days. To improve speed and efficiency, we offer several payout options (DIGITAL ASSETS, RISE, WISE, WIRE, and more third-party service(s) coming soon).

Reach $10M Simulated Account Balance

Easy, Simple, and Clear scaling strategy up to USD 10,000,000. We offer virtual money. Prove to us that you are an expert trader by using our funds to increase your fortune. To find out more about our cherished scaling plan, click this link.

90% Virtual Profit Split From Day 1

As one of the ONLY prop firms, we give our traders a 90% virtual profit split right away. We will offer you a virtual account balance with a 90% virtual profit share and the opportunity to enhance your profit share through our scaling strategy if you can demonstrate to us that you are an excellent trader and that you can complete our challenge(s).

●     FTMO

All FTMO Traders have an 80% payout ratio by default; however, this is not the cutoff point for us. Payout requests can be made on-demand by any FTMO Trader. In addition to selecting your own Profit Split Day—which you can alter up to three times—the payout can be completed in as little as 14 days. In conclusion, they make sure that you will always receive your withdrawal on your most convenient day.

In addition to increasing the balance of your FTMO Account by 25% if you satisfy the requirements of the Scaling Plan, the payout ratio will also automatically climb to an astounding 90%.

Swing Account

Select the FTMO Account that best fits your needs and trading style. There are no limitations on keeping positions over the weekend or trading during macroeconomic announcements with FTMO Account Swing.

Scaling Plan

Their goal is to establish lasting business connections. They will augment the balance of your FTMO Account by 25% every four months through the Scaling Plan if you can maintain consistency and profitability.

Free Trial

You can attempt the entire procedure for free if you’re still unsure. With the same trading restrictions, the Free Trial account is a condensed version of the FTMO Challenge.

No limits on trading style!

Trade without limitations using your trading technique. EAs, hedging, and discretionary trading are all options. Trade whatever asset you choose, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and forex.


At FPF, our initiatives are made to be clear-cut, open, and equitable. We follow straightforward guidelines. We don’t charge monthly fees since we feel that forcing people to trade by setting deadlines leads to poor judgments. If you are a seasoned trader, you will be able to complete the trades rapidly. You could require a little more time if you have less experience. We genuinely want high-calibre traders to access money with us, in contrast to many other companies in the industry. This guide tells how FPF is the best FTMO alternative. Start trading right today at FPF for great profits and enjoyable experiences.