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We are stepping forward to reveal the truth behind the recent allegations made by Ajwad. In this detailed account, we will provide undeniable proof and set the record straight on the unfolding events.

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The story begins with an issue concerning our payment processor, Stripe. We had been using Stripe for our transactions without significant problems until they suddenly froze our account, holding substantial funds.

This action by Stripe led to a cascade of challenges, with denied payouts and an unsettling situation for our business.

Below 👇 is the screenshot proof of our stripe account with all the funds frozen

Screen Shot

Additionally you can get all of these proofs and the documents that we are going to provide on this Google Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12mhYuQyi-9IkS_G4fvkNKtfRvu_dw8Qo

Ajwad’s Role

Ajwad, a content creator turned community manager within our firm, had been an integral part of our operations. Trusted and respected, he handled various responsibilities, including managing payouts, partnerships, and more.

However, the situation took a turn when Stripe froze our account, causing distress and unwarranted attacks on Ajwad, including doxxing incidents, which you can see on Ajward’s YT Channel and Twitter account.

The Misunderstanding

In an attempt to clarify roles and support Ajwad amidst the turmoil, The CEO instructed the support team to send an email stating Joes’ role as CEO and owner, with Ajwad listed as the content creator, community manager, and COO. This decision was made to bolster Ajwad’s company position, not undermine him.

It is important to clarify that the CEO did not make any statements indicating that Ajwad owns the proprietary firm. Regrettably, misconceptions arose among some individuals, leading to unwarranted complications for Ajwad.

Consequently, he has decided that resigning from Forex Prop Firm is in his best interest. We would like to emphasize that Ajwad’s departure was amicable, and we have accepted his decision with understanding.

Unraveling Deception

Fast forward to December, Ajwad approached the CEO claiming a substantial sum in affiliate commissions owed to him—far beyond what we believed to be accurate. Initially willing to resolve the matter, we offered to pay him in installments. However, suspicions arose when inconsistencies emerged in Ajwad’s claims and behaviors.

Upon further investigation by one of our support, alarming evidence surfaced. It became clear that Ajwad had been fabricating affiliate commissions, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.

You can watch the video proof here:

Shocked and dismayed, The CEO confronted Ajwad, offering a resolution path that he chose to evade.

In a bid to resolve the issue, The CEO extended a fair offer, asking for a Zoom call before disbursing any funds.

Screen Shots FPF

[zoom call email screenshot]

However, Ajwad’s silence and subsequent evasion tactics, including blocking the CEO and the team, revealed his true intentions. He had no intention of resolving the matter honestly.

Seeking Justice

Now, as the truth comes to light, it’s crucial to address the false claims made by Ajwad. We do not owe him the exorbitant amounts he claims. The only legitimate sum owed is a modest affiliate commission, which we have always been ready to pay.

Protecting Traders’ Interests

For any traders awaiting payouts, rest assured that we are committed to finding a resolution. The frozen funds in our Stripe account, amounting to $400,000, are now at risk due to Ajwad’s actions. We are determined to secure these funds and fulfill our obligations to our traders.

Ajwad’s Scheme Unveiled

Here’s how the scheme unfolded:

1. Fabricated Commissions: Ajwad claimed inflated amounts in affiliate commissions.

2. Evasion Tactics: When confronted with inconsistencies, Ajwad dodged requests for verification, leading to further suspicion.

3. Blocked Communication: Ajwad blocked all attempts at communication, including a Zoom call request for clarity, emails, telegrams, etc.

4. Evidence of Deception: Through thorough investigation, undeniable proof of Ajwad’s fraudulent activities surfaced, exposing his attempts to steal from the firm.

Video Proof👇

After We caught him faking affiliate commissions, In response to being caught, Ajwad proceeded to restrict our team’s access to the Stripe account. He created a fake email address to impersonate team members and subsequently changed the ownership of the account to this fraudulent email.

Subsequent investigation revealed that Ajwad was solely responsible for these actions. He orchestrated the changing of emails, setup of two-factor authentication, transfer of ownership, and logged into the fake email from his identifiable IP address and device ID.

All of these proofs are given below 👇 in photo and live video recording above👆

FPF Screen Shots


To all traders and affiliates affected by Ajwad’s deceit, we urge you to stand with us in seeking justice. Ajwad’s actions are reprehensible, and it is crucial to spread awareness about his fraudulent behavior.

Share this message on social media, demand transparency, and hold Ajwad accountable for his actions.


In closing, We want to emphasize that our firm stands for integrity, transparency, and fairness. We have posted undeniable proof of Ajwad’s deception on our Twitter and YouTube channels. It’s time to unveil the truth and ensure that justice prevails.

Thank you for taking the time to hear this detailed account. Your support is invaluable as we work to rectify this situation and protect the interests of all involved.