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Ever dreamed of dominating the forex market with scalping? We are revealing the secrets used by a pro trader to not only master scalping but also forge an unshakeable mental edge.

To every budding forex trader who is excited to find their place in the quick-paced world of scalping. Buckle up, because we are here with a guide, designed to excel your scalping skills and techniques. We’ll explore the proven strategies of a seasoned forex prop firm trader, Adi, who shares his unique approach and the significance of resilience and courage.

Meet Adi: A Scalping Powerhouse

Adi, a distinguished member of the FPF trading community, boasts a funded account of a whopping $25,000. But his success story is much more than these numbers. Adi sheds light on his six-year journey, emphasizing the importance of patience and emotional control.

Benefits of Scalping

Unveiling Adi’s Trading Strategy

Key Elements:

  1. Market Analysis: Before entering a trade, Adi meticulously analyzes three crucial aspects:


  1. Market Sentiment: Gauging who’s in control – buyers or sellers – is paramount for Adi’s strategy.
  2. Time Frame: He thrives on the fast-paced world of 1-3 minute time charts.
  3. Trading Session: Recognizing the significance of session-specific behavior, Adi restricts his trades to the New York session (7 PM India time).
  4. Trade Frequency: He executes a strategic 10-15 trades daily.
  5. Risk Management:

The Secret Weapon: Mental Fortitude

While a sound strategy is vital, Adi underscores the game-changing power of mental control. He emphasizes that it took him five years to develop an ironclad mental edge. Here are his valuable insights:

Beyond Scalping: Valuable Takeaways

Adi’s journey is full of valuable lessons for all forex traders, regardless of the strategy they opt for:


For forex traders, scalping can be a profitable but challenging approach. You can greatly increase your chances of succeeding in the scalping arena by implementing Adi’s ideas along with a strong mental edge. Get the information you need, learn self-control over your emotions, and watch your scalping abilities elevate.

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