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Are Our Payouts Real? Our Funded Traders Payouts are very real and we have tons of proof to back it up. We have done more than $4.4 Million in payouts including both normal payouts and payouts used to scale up the accounts. Not only that, we did a $343,000 payout in July only and published a detailed video about it

Evidence of real payouts

We are posting forex funds payout proof and the withdrawal in every way possible such as:

– withdrawal/payout screenshots from the account

– withdrawal/payout videos from the account

– interview with the trader

– payout receipts from our WISE or WIRE transfer

– crypto withdrawal receipts, etc.

We are posting these all over our social media, you can check them out below

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– Discord => https://discord.gg/9YSdEqJ2wv

– Instagram => https://instagram.com/forexpropfirm

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– Twitter => https://twitter.com/fpfdotcom

Winning Stories

We paid out over $ 343,000 to our funded traders in July and in this article, we’re gonna deep dive into our top two traders who made the most amount of money here at forexplorform.com. In the second half of July, we pay out every 1st and 16th of the month for these two traders who just got paid a few days ago. 

We will see how much money they made, how many trades they took, which pairs they were trading the most, what was their average risk-to-reward ratio, and if they took prop firm weekly payout or monthly. And everything that you need to know about these top 2 funded Traders here at forex.com.

Trading Account 1

Our first traded account which made the most amount of money in the second half of July made $15271 with an average risk-to-reward ratio of only 0.48. Now this is quite a low average risk-to-reward ratio but he ended up making 15 percent on her $100000 account. He traded for 14 days before he requested a withdrawal of $15271.8. He got paid 13744 dollars out of the total amount because her profit share was 90 percent. Looking at her account history he placed a lot of trades totaling 495 entries and he was only trading gold.

So if we start from the very first day when he placed a trade he played the first trade on the 27th of June he started trading on the account and he made almost no money on her first trade. After that, he ended up losing a couple of trades and one was quite a big loss of $2256 on the trades that he did for the buy on gold. Overall he made a lot of trades. 495 is quite a big number and if you remember her average risk-to-reward ratio was 0.48. 

So it means even though he had less than one risk-to-reward ratio overall her winning trades are way more than her losing trades. That’s the reason he ended up being profitable at the end of the month. So he requested a withdrawal after he stopped trading on the 14th of July. But the most amount of money that he made from her account was $1470, the second most amount was $1275, the third most amount was $1270. Then all the profitable trades were less than $1000 the most that he lost in one trade was more than $3663 followed by a loss of $2256 then the third biggest loss was $1100.

Trading Account 2

This trader got a payout of around $13700 which is quite a big amount of money on a $100,000 funded account. He is doing very well for her next payout session as well so let’s deep dive into the second trader’s account. And see how they made profits on their account. This trader made a total of $14657 profit on his $200,000 account. He traded for a total of 22 days with an average risk-reward ratio of 0.39. Looking at the profit share he made $14657 so he ended up getting a payout of $ 13191 because the profit share is 90.

Now looking at the account history this trader also placed a lot of trades, 243 trades in total. He was also only trading gold which we can see from the first trade that he did on BTC and he started trading on the 9th of July. But after that, all the trades that he placed were placed on gold. The maximum amount of money that he lost in one single trade was 6000 dollars which is 3% under the $200000 account. 

The second biggest loss is $4330 followed by the third biggest loss of $1536. The maximum amount that he made from one single trade was $2030. This is followed by the second biggest profit of $1310 even though the maximum amount that he made in one single trade is $2030 by taking a buy position on gold. But the majority of the trades that he did were all profitable that’s the reason he ended up being at 7% profit at the end of the month 


These are real people trading real funded accounts with us. Some of them have even reached 100K+ payouts from Forex. You can be the next one too! You can also check inside our Discord channel on the “Payout Proof” section that tags real traders who are inside FPF discord and “who got the payouts” from Forex Prop Firm which is a fast payout prop firm.