Indian Entrepreneur Made $16,533 Profits on ForexPropFirm

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In this interview, we will introduce Bazeer Muhammad, who received his first profit split of $16533 from Forex Prop Firm from his $200,000 funded account. Please read below to know more about how he completed the challenge and how he got the payout. The trading strategy that he used to trade on the Forex Prop Firm funded account and recommendations for traders who want to become funded traders with Forexpropfirm

Introduction to the guest

I’m Bazeer Muhammad, 24 years old, living in India, and I just completed mechanical engineering. Now, I am also running a small business and am a part of small trading stuff.

Trading duration 

I’ve been trading for around two years now.


I used to watch Facebook and Instagram a lot and came across different advertisements related to trading and making money, which became my source of inspiration. 


My strategy is price action like support and resistance only. I also know some candlestick and some chart patterns I can follow. First, I choose a bigger time frame than the previous market delta site collector, and I am a scalper. 

Difference between trading for The Forex Prop Firm and yourself

The main difference between trading for The Forex Prop Firm and yourself is the money. You need to have good money to invest when trading for yourself. 

Experience with The Forex Prop Firm

Trading with Forex Prop Firm was great and profitable. In less time, I managed to get a funded account and complete several challenges. 

Why choose The Forex Prop Firm 

Forex Prop Firm is simple and easy to use. All the instructions are clear, and there are no hidden terms and conditions. 

Suggestion to other traders attempting The Forex Prop Firm Challenge

Don’t leave the trading even if there are losses in the beginning. Learn first and keep studying throughout your trading journey to achieve success. 

Best trade

My base one, I completed in 12 days, 16000, and base two, I completed in 6 days.  

Advice to a new trader 

Improve your learning process and skills. Also, follow your mentors.

Risk management plan 

Risk management is important. It would help if you first learned and then started trading. Also, do not over-trade and avoid playing bigger lots to minimize risk. 

Recommend to starters

Learn proper trade management, money management, and trade in equity to avoid loss.

Online helpful resources 

YouTube and other funded accountants are the most helpful for trading strategies and management. 

Why trust The Forex Prop Firm 

I trust Forex Prop Firm because their customer care service is great and efficient. Moreover, the risk percentage is significantly low, and the payout is huge.