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Today, we are here, Akiim Allen, a successful FPF Funded Trader, who just completed his one-step evaluation within two days and got the Funded Account from Forex Prop Firm. He is a true motivation for traders struggling to become profitable and wants to become a Funded Trader to make a living from trading. In this interview, we will deep dive into his process, strategies, and suggestions for becoming a profitable trader.

1. Tell us a little bit about you.

My name is Akiim Allen, and I am originally from New York City. I am a full-time CNA at the Veteran Affairs for the military and a successful Forex trader.

2. How long have you been trading?

I have been into trading for the past six years, from the pre-covid period. One day, I accidentally stumbled into Forex while trying to find my way through that tough financial crisis. 

3. What inspires you to pursue trading?

Trading was not just a ray of hope during the COVID crisis, but it also taught me to look into myself, dwell on my emotions, and figure out who I was.

4. Do you have a trading plan in place and follow it strictly? Briefly describe your Trading Plan.

I don’t have an 8 a.m. working strategy with a long pre-working meditation session. One should create a strategy that works for himself. I have a busy schedule; I don’t watch TV or party with my friends, and never miss analyzing the market over the weekend. I aim to observe the very tops and the very bottoms of the market and go through several charts at a time. 

5. What was your strategy to successfully pass The Forex Prop Firm Challenge?

For the Forex Prop Firm strategy, I started with 50K first, but then I thought I could manage the $200000 challenge too, so I’m currently working on it. I follow my own Bayway strategy, which involves telling myself that I’m doing well and that trading is fantastic, essential, and life-changing. For the execution, I start with the daily, then 1 hour, then 5 minutes, and the following ICT smart money concepts.

6. How is trading for The Forex Prop Firm different from trading by yourself?

The greatest advantage of trading for The Forex Prop Firm instead of by yourself is that you can make more money in less time. You don’t have to struggle daily to make a few thousand dollars. You can make millions and live your dreams easily.

7. How would you rate your experience with The Forex Prop Firm?

My experience with Forex Prop Firm was great. All the conditions were mentioned before starting my trading journey. The big payouts were the most enjoyable thing for me at Forex Prop Firm. I was able to trade big money and get a funded account. 

8. Why did you choose The Forex Prop Firm and not another one?

When researching Forex Prop Firm, I realized it had a nice profit split and fair conditions compared to other prop firms.

9. What would you like to say to other traders attempting The Forex Prop Firm Challenge?

To all the other traders attempting at the Forex Prop Firm, I suggest not over-trade and staying consistent. Do not take trading as a full-time job; play in big money rather than putting effort into smaller trades to reach your goals.

10. Describe your best trade.

My best trading experience was earning my certificate within two days while trading with Forex Prop Firm.

11. What is the number one advice you would give to a new trader?

Discipline and consistency are the two main elements required for successful trading. You must learn how to maintain the right balance between trading and other tasks to avoid over-trading and ending up losing your account. 

12. What does your risk management plan look like?

I keep my trading opportunity under 2-3% of my trading account for risk management. I’m at the very bottom. I’ll catch the bottom set, my stop loss, and a little extra pips for the market.

13. What would you recommend to someone just starting with us?

I recommend focusing on the demo first and not letting your feelings and other side hassles interfere with your trading routine. Also, consider your job type and spend money on trading that you can afford to lose.

14. Share online resources that were/are significant in your trading development. Names and links are appreciated.

YouTube and Google were the best resources that helped me throughout my trading journey. 

15. What made you trust The Forex Prop Firm for your trading career?

I trust the Forex Prop Firm because it was the best to work with compared to other trading platforms. I could see clear and fair rules, and the payouts were huge.