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In this interview, we have a special guest for you, Bhuvanesh Varan, our recently funded trader from India who passed the 1-step $25,000 challenge of Forex prop firm on his first try, and he is trading a $25,000 funded account. Please read below to know more about how he completed the challenge and how he got the payout. The trading strategy that he used to trade on the Forex Prop Firm funded account and recommendations for traders who want to become funded traders with Forexpropfirm

Introduction to the guest

I’m Bhuvanesh Varan from India, and I started trading in Corona.

Trading duration 

I’ve been trading for the past three and half years, and this journey began in Covid. Right now, I’m not profitable.


Due to job problems and the economic crisis, I wanted another income to maintain our family expenses. While sitting with friends, we discussed how to make more money and came to know more about trading. 


I trade London and New York sessions. The most profitable strategy for me is combining your failure with smart money. Mostly, I trade in three parts: Euro, USD, and Gold. First, I look into the market and then find the best trading setup. If that particular setup does not work for me, I then change it and look for another one that works for me to make me profitable. Mostly, I do day trading, but I am also a scalper. 

Difference between trading for The Forex Prop Firm and yourself

The main difference between trading for The Forex Prop Firm and yourself is the money. Also, the forex prop firm is the best platform, and you can use less investment, and we can use more leverage.

Experience with The Forex Prop Firm

In the beginning, I realized that trading in the Indian market required a lot of money, but when trading with Forex, you can enjoy more leverage. 

Why choose The Forex Prop Firm 

Forex Prop Firm offers various sessions: the National sessions, London sessions, New York sessions, etc. So you can choose the session that suits you the best.

Suggestion to other traders attempting The Forex Prop Firm Challenge

Learn to overcome your challenges and manage to get psychological stability to achieve success in your trading journey. 

Best trade

I started Forex trading last year using $10 to $20 and profited it in the best way. 

Advice to a new trader 

Try to avoid over-trading and also learn to recover your losses.

Risk management plan 

Make a limited number of trades and look for the right setups. If you are not getting profitable that particular day, try trading the next day. Also Trade only lower lots like 0.05 or 0.02 to minimize losses.

Recommend to starters

Wait for the right setups to get more risk rewards and set an appropriate psychological approach. Try trading gold and low slots.

Online helpful resources 

YouTube and Google are the most helpful for trading strategies and management. Or discuss with your friends who have a proper idea of trading. 

Why trust The Forex Prop Firm 

Forex Prop Firm is great as it gives high profits, clear instructions, no hidden policies, and requires less investment.