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Forex Prop Firm is one credible prop firm that has been empowering forex traders with its amazing funding models. Forex Prop Firm offers the perfect opportunity for traders to have a desired funded account via our monthly competitions.

In this blog, you’ll learn about our FPF’s exciting quests, where you can win great rewards. Learn why and how to participate in these monthly competitions.

Why Participate in FPF’s Monthly Competitions?

Boost Your Skills: 

Through the use of simulated live markets, FPF’s tournaments serve as an active training ground where you can hone your trading techniques. You will receive vital experience navigating real-time market changes, honing your decision-making and risk-management skills.

Win Lucrative Prizes: 

The true thrill lies in the potential rewards. Top performers in these competitions have the chance to win substantial prizes, including funded forex accounts. Imagine trading with FPF’s capital, propelling your forex career forward and enjoying the benefits of real-world trading.

Community & Credibility: 

Winning a competition earns attention, credibility and demonstration of your trading abilities. Moreover, you will be able to engage with the community of expert forex traders on the FPF Discord server. 

A Guide to FPF’s Monthly Competitions

1. Join the FPF Discord Server: 

The beating heart of FPF’s competition scene lies within their Discord server. Here, you’ll discover announcements regarding ongoing and upcoming competitions, including eligibility criteria, prize details, and deadlines.

2. Verify Your Discord Account: 

Once you’ve joined the server, ensure your account is verified. This involves clicking a designated verification button and following the on-screen prompts. Verification grants you full access to the server’s features and resources, including competition details.

3. Stay Updated on Current Competitions: 

Keep a watchful eye on the “announcements” channel within the Discord server. This is where FPF broadcasts information on all active competitions, including the competition type (e.g., most Discord invites, highest profitability), deadlines, and reward structures.

4. Familiarize Yourself with the Competition Rules: 

Before diving in, review the competition’s specific rules and regulations. These details are usually outlined within the announcement itself or a separate channel dedicated to the competition. Monitoring the eligibility criteria, risk management parameters, and evaluation methods is crucial for a successful run.

5. Refine Your Strategy and Take Action! 

Leverage the competition as an opportunity to test and refine your existing trading strategy. With the potential for a funded account on the line, ensure your approach aligns with FPF’s risk management guidelines. Once you’re confident, actively participate in the competition, striving to achieve the top rankings.

Current Competitions

Here are some of the exciting competitions currently running in FPF’s Discord:

FPF Discord Invite Competition: 

Invite your friends to join the Discord server and stand a chance to win challenge accounts worth up to 100k. The top three with the most invites win.

March Affiliate Competition: 

Participate in our affiliate program and win prizes based on your performance.

FPF Discord Quiz: 

Join the weekly quiz for a chance to win challenge accounts and discount coupons.


FPF’s monthly competitions offer an electrifying avenue to propel your forex trading journey. Remember, consistent practice, a well-defined strategy and active participation within the FPF Discord community are keys to success. 

Join the FPF Discord server today, explore the current competitions, and embark on your journey towards forex trading mastery!