How this Trader Turned $115 into $25000 with Forex Prop Firm

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In this interview, we have a special guest for you, Edward Baffoe, who turned his $115 into a $25000 funded account and received a profit split of $5771 from Forex Prop Firm. Please read below to know more about how he completed the challenge and how he got the payout. The trading strategy that he used to trade on the Forex Prop Firm funded account and recommendations for traders who want to become funded Trader with Forexpropfirm

Introduction to the guest

I’m Edward Baffoe, 24 years old and from London. I also make music as a side hobby.

Trading duration 

I’ve been trading for six years now as I have an interest in the market and finances.


I was interested in financial markets when I was 18. I started with forex, and then, over time, I got into indices, gold, and crypto. Trading helps you earn a living by just sitting on a laptop in the comfort of your home.


I studied ICT, learned a lot, and started getting into algorithmic trading myself. I do algo-trading to find my entries, and I use a mix of algo and ICT. I use the ICT silver bullet strategy for indices but with a little adaptation of my own. I’m always up at five of the London or New York sessions and mainly trade from New York. My algorithms are just running on gold and GE 24 7, Monday to Thursday. As I see some liquidity build-up, I might trade manually. 

Difference between trading for The Forex Prop Firm and yourself

The main difference between trading for The Forex Prop Firm and yourself is the investment and risk. Trading at Forex Prop Firm saves you from over-trading, and you don’t need to have huge investments. 

Experience with The Forex Prop Firm

I started with baby pips, then started algo trading. My experience with Forex Prop Firm trading was great as everything was simple, easy, clear, and understandable, and the payouts were huge.

Why choose The Forex Prop Firm 

Forex Prop Firm offers handsome profits, huge payouts, and the best customer support. 

Suggestion to other traders attempting The Forex Prop Firm Challenge

Get a good trading strategy, good risk management parameters, and good psychology when attempting Forex Prop Firm challenges. 

Best trade

I like indices like the NASDAQ US 30 and gold and GBP USD because they have a lot of volatility. 

Advice to a new trader 

Be disciplined, stick to your trading process, and keep learning to get to the golden pot and become successful. 

Risk management plan 

Risk management is the most important apart from the signals and trading strategy. Take smaller risks, avoid overexposing yourself in terms of how many lots you are opening on the position, and consider smaller lot sizes. 

Recommend to starters

Don’t rush the process; start steady and slow, and be disciplined. It’s not about how much you can win; it’s about preserving the capital. Also, create a plan, stick to it, and stop blowing your accounts.

Online helpful resources 

ICT is the most helpful for trading strategies and management. 

Why trust The Forex Prop Firm 

I trust Forex Prop Firm because it has the best risk management parameters, and the risk percentage can be selected as low as 0.2%.