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You can be funded with 10 million dollars if you stick around Goat Andy’s journey and how he was able to make a $20k profit with Forexpropfirm.com. Goat Andy is the Forex king of price action and even runs a successful business where he shares his experiences regarding checking out different firms to review on the recommendation of his audience. This article covers the journey of Goat Andy with ForexPropFirm and will guide you through his experiences regarding how he was able to generate such a huge profit in only a few days. So without delaying any further let’s get started. 

Regarding the Hardships of Challenges 

We’ll now just tell you guys about everything that happens like the hardship of passing challenges. According to Goat Andy, he has never experienced anything challenging or unfortunate with ForexPropFirm but he created a video for his audience to teach them about any possible challenges that they might have to face. The purpose of the video was to answer the queries of the audience and create videos related to their demand. 

Goat Andy said that he almost lost the account but he was beaten by time because it’s about 35 days to pass phase one and by the time it was the 31st day he almost hit the maximum loss for the day. But at the same time, he remembered that he could always go for a retry so he got a retry for this account. He was up about $3000 on certain positions on forexpropform.com in phase one. And if his trade hit a take profit he would literally pass the challenge. He was trading $4000, then he traded and made $8000 with just one move which was required to pass the challenge. 

Tips for Preventing Losing the Challenges 

Regarding the tips of what makes people lose challenges, what Goat Andy came to realise is the psychology of people behind a funded account. A new trader will feel once I’m funded, a lot of things in my life will change. And as soon as he starts chasing that feeling it’s gonna make him lose a lot more than he was supposed to lose. 

Goat Andy made the mistake of placing high lot sizes. As soon as he was about up 6% he started opening 21 Lots, 30 Lots, and 35 Lots because in his head he was close to passing. He recommends the traders that you just have to take it the same way as you’ve been taking it. Maintain a suitable pace and stay consistent. He also got hit by the daily loss because he was going out of his trading strategy and trying to make all the profit he could in a single trading session.

How He Passed Phases 1 and 2?

We’re going to be getting into how he made 7% on his fed account. At that time, he was up 20% so he shared everything that had been happening during his journey. He shared how he passed his Phase 1 and Phase 2. He also shared the trades he took to pass the phases. He passed the Phase 1 challenge trading US30 and GBP AUD so US30 gave him about $8,000 and then GBP gave him about $4000 each.

The first trade that he took he literally lost $8,000 and then US30 made him recover and then GBP AUD came to help. At the start of the account, he lost about $4,000, and then at the same time, he made $2,000 on each position on US30. Then he furthermore made a lot of money on GBP AUD so that’s how he managed to hit the target of $88,000 as his first profit. 

He marked his areas on time and then he knew that having a descending structure would end up in 2 different results. If the market breaks above he had a chance to continue with his trade or he’d end up losing it badly. He then entered somewhere on the break of structure that is when he saw his profit. 

Then he tried by all means to make sure that he swung the US30 trade and that is how literally it happened on US30 and then GBP AUD. He passed phase one with two trades and had losses on Eur JPY. Passing Phase 2 was so down at this fast payout prop firm because he passed it with only one trade which was gold. So gold gave him the entire $5,000 that was needed for the challenge which is the 5% of the trade. The overall loss was $12 and he passed by setting a 1-hour time frame. 

Payout and Lifestyle with ForexPropFirm 

Goat Andy shares what happens once you get paid out. He went out for some shopping as he received a payout. He showed to his audience that his account was up about 18% and he was on the leaderboard of the funded traders. He was on number five but was on number three the other day. Then he became number four and then number five and has made $18,000 close to $19,000 which is 18.99 returns with a win rate of 54%. So he had made above the 5% that was needed.

Goat Andy personally prefers withdrawals through crypto as it is faster and requires fewer charges. After the withdrawal request, he got his official certificate where his payout was 17,000 and then it compounded to $20,292 which was mainly because of the challenge profit split. So for Goat Andy passed the challenge ForexPropFirm compensated him which compounded and made the amount $20K.

He tells his audience that if ForexPropFirm was legit it would pay him, but FPF did keep the promise. But he still wants to be creating videos because he wants to start doing something. He wants to start giving away every time he receives a payout from a Forex Prop Firm. And he has managed to get a 40% off on all evaluations for his audience because Forex saw that he had a great community that looked up to him. And he has proven to his community that FPF works and is a legit trading firm. 

Forex Prop Firm has given Andy a chance to have a 40% discount for his audience which is Goat Andy. So when you check out use a coupon code called Goat Andy this coupon code will give you 40% off on your evaluation with Forexpropfirm.com. Goat Andy further told his audience that he’ll be showing proof with every update regarding ForexPropFirm. 

Goat Andy tells his audience that he is not working with any prop firm and not promoting any prop firm. He is just trading with prop firms that pay him. And if prop firms don’t pay him he would speak about it and how badly the firm has treated him. He also shared that some people are the ones who are not scared to lose money because they know how they can make it back. He then showed the proof of payout how it was approved and finally how he received it through Bitcoin withdrew it and is living well right now. 

Goat Andy’s Payment Withdrawal Journey 

Then he requested a payout as it was the 29th of the trading month. On his funded account data he had $18,992 for withdrawal, a 90% profit split, and his client payout was $17,093. Then he requested the payout and officially processed the withdrawal fully to approve the payout to see if ForexPropFirm gives a payout or not. This was to help his audience see if FPF was a scam or a legitimate trading firm. He wanted to show the proof of the payout. His payout was approved and he also shared the good news of ForexPropFirm resolving the issue regarding payment methods and finally providing multiple withdrawal sources like crypto, bank wire transfer, etc.


Hopefully, this article was helpful for all the traders struggling out there. You can also see the funded trader payout proof below so that you get an answer to the most commonly asked question “Do prop firms payout”? Start your journey at ForexPropFirm, and get new trading opportunities, financial freedom, and the lifestyle you’ve dreamt of. You could be the next winning trader at ForexPropFirm which is offering instant funding payout if you stay consistent with a trading strategy that suits you.