Every purchase give you a chance to win our monthly $5,000 CASH giveaway!

Have you been a good Forex Prop Firm trader last year? Well, there is good news for you then! We are excited to share that we are hosting a huge giveaway session to make our regular traders happy. In our Christmas giveaway session, we have a total of 100 gifts for the top 100 users of the year 2023. So if you have also been a regular trader at Forex Prop Firm then this blog is all you need to read. Here you can also discover the exciting prizes we are offering in our prop firm giveaways 2024 and more information related to the giveaway session.

Whom We Are Distributing The Gifts?

Now, many of you might be thinking about who is distributing the gift and who is eligible. To make the eligibility criteria more clear for you this section is a must-read for you. For the year 2024, we are benefitting our customers with great and exciting gifts to make them feel how happy we are to have them as a part of the trading world. Our prop firm giveaways 2024 are for people who have purchased at Forex Prop Firm from January 1st to January 31st. Everyday 3 random winners will be picked from the previous day purchased. 

We will email the winners with the Gift they won and they will have to post an Image on social media and tag us to claim their prices so if you see an image like following somewhere online you know it’s real and go celebrate and share the joy with that person! 

So every purchase you make, everyday you have a chance to WIN! The more you buy and more often the more chances you have to win so tell your friends and share your affiliate link and share the Christmas gifts with the people that matters to you and start the year strong!

Based on the purchaser’s data for this period, we’ll be selecting our giveaway winners and providing them with the most exciting rewards and gifts that they’ve ever wanted.

How Will Forex Prop Firm’s 31-Day Gift Fest Work?

We will choose 3 winners every day based on their recent purchases with the Forex Prop Firm. Each winner will be given 1 giveaway gift, so a total of 3 gifts will be distributed each day. For each purchaser, there is 1 gift, which is why our giveaway fest is based on the distribution of 100 gifts to 100 people.

Christmas Giveaways

Join Our Epic Christmas Giveaway! 100 CHRISTMAS GIFTS. Get ready for an unforgettable festive season! We’re spreading joy with 100 incredible Christmas gifts up for grabs! Every day brings a chance to win something extraordinary. We are giving gifts to the purchases done from January 1st to January 31st. There will be 100 Christmas Gifts (3 giving each day). Brace yourself for the excitement:

●     Prize List

10 x 25K Challenges (Regular)

10 x 25K Challenges (No Time Limit)

10 x 25K Challenges (1 Step)

10 x $50 Amazon Gift Cards

30 x SURPRISES (Hint: They’re awesome!)

5 x $50K Challenges (Your Choice)

●     Bonus Offers

10 x Annual Subscription to TradingView

3 x Annual Subscription to tradezella.com

3 x magickeys.trade

2 x Trading Online Course

2 x Subscription to Lifetime VIP Signals

●     Plus

$1,000 CASH





To Wrap it Up!

Our giveaway has everything that you could ever dream of. Be it a challenge reward, a gift card, a subscription, cash, a Macbook, a laptop etc…. Forex Prop Firm has got it all. For every purchase we’ll consider 1 entry which is why the more purchases you’ve made the more winning chances you have. We’ll make sure to send all the gifts to the deserving people by January. So make sure to stay tuned to our prop firm giveaways 2024 session updates for regular information!