From Failing Funded Accounts to Making Consistent Profits

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Today, we are interviewing a special guest for you. In this funded trader interview, we will introduce Gabner Jean, who received his first-ever profit split of $2975 from Forex Prop Firm from his $25000 funded account. Join us to hear his story, how he completed the challenge, and how he got the payout. The trading strategy that he used to trade on the Forex Prop Firm funded account and recommendations for traders who want to become funded traders with Forexpropfirm

Introduction to the guest

I’m Gabner, from Miami, Florida, and currently a senior college student at Florida International University.

Trading duration 

I started trading in 2020, which was introduced to me by a friend. It’s been three years now.


My friend was my inspiration as he introduced me to the trading journey. I was also a part of the academy, so I took a break in the early period of trading as I was failing again and again. But last year, I started trading again with a more strategic approach and determination. 


I follow Trading Geek on YouTube and follow his trading strategy, which is the moving cross-over average strategy and works for me really well.

Difference between trading for The Forex Prop Firm and yourself

The main difference between trading for The Forex Prop Firm and yourself is the money. For personal trading, you need to have a lot of money to be profitable. Whereas when trading for a Forex Prop Firm, you don’t need to have a lot of investment. Also, the risk management protocols are the best and safest at Forex Prop Firm. 

Experience with The Forex Prop Firm

Initially, I wasn’t sticking to one strategy, which is why it wasn’t getting profitable. Later on, I changed my strategy and planned to stick to it, which helped me achieve success.

Why choose The Forex Prop Firm 

Forex Prop Firm makes you follow proper risk management and stops you from making more than two trades to avoid over-trading. 

Suggestion to other traders attempting The Forex Prop Firm Challenge

Stick to your strategy and avoid joining multiple zone calls.

Best trade

I mainly trade gold, GPP, USD, AED, and JPY, which are the peers with high volatility in the market. I made $ 10,000 on a demo account in a matter of 5 days only.

Advice to a new trader 

Do not opt for multiple-session trading. Only stick to one strategy. Also, avoid risking more and more in the thought of making more profit. 

Risk management plan 

I do 1:2, so I’m getting 1% on my account to make 2%, so I’m risking 250 to make 500.

Recommend to starters

Be patient and have a proper risk management plan: the money will come to you.

Online helpful resources 

The trading geek on YouTube is the most helpful for trading strategies and management. 

Why trust The Forex Prop Firm 

I trust Forex Prop Firm because it has the best payouts and gives you the confidence to put more into your trading to get back even better in return.