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Instant Funding Models

Forex prop firm has just changed the trading game for forex traders with a groundbreaking advancement in its funding options. Now They have New Instant Funding Models

This innovation in instant funding models will be beneficial for a broad spectrum of traders, allowing them to access substantial capital and kickstart their forex journey with greater facilities.

Previously, FPF offered a structured selection of funding models.  Traders could choose between the 1-Step and 2-Step Challenge formats, each with its performance-based requirements.  The previous model was effective but they might not have suited every trader’s risk tolerance or experience level. With New Instant Funding options, FPF is bridging this gap with a more convenient approach.

A Look at FPF’s New Instant Funding Models

FPF’s New Instant Funding System has further three ranges under the Instant Funding category:  Pro, Advanced, and Premium.  Here’s what they offer:


This category is a balance between affordability and substantial funding. It is ideal for traders who are confident in their skills but want to avoid a large instant investment.


For those seeking an instant funding boost, the Advanced category offers a larger account size with a higher initial cost.


This top category suits experienced traders with a proven track record. It boasts the highest funding amounts but also requires the largest investment.

FPF’s New Instant Funding Models – Quick Comparison:

Account Sizes$10K – $400K$10K – $400K$10K – $400K
CostLower InvestmentHigher InvestmentHighest Investment
Profit Split80/20 80/2080/20 
Target AudienceBudget-conscious tradersExperienced traders seeking larger accountsExperience traders with the largest initial investment

Comparison: Old vs. New Models

The table below highlights the key differences between the previous funding models and the new Instant Funding options:

FeaturePrevious Models (1-Step, 2-Step, Instant Funding)New Instant Funding Models (Pro, Advanced, Premium)
Funding ModelOne-size-fits-all approachTailored options based on budget and experience
Account SizesLimited rangeDiverse range catering to different needs
Profit Split90/10 (trader/firm)80/20 (standard) with the potential to increase
Model TypeChallenge-basedPerformance-based buy-in
Time CommitmentVaries depending on meeting performance targetsImmediate access to capital
Risk ToleranceLower initial riskHigher upfront investment
Funding Range$10K – $400K$10K – $400K

While traditional instant funding models might offer a single account size and cost, FPF’s new approach empowers you to make informed decisions based on your trading needs. This level of customization sets FPF apart from the competition.

The Benefits for Traders:


Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting your forex journey, Forex Prop Firm’s  new instant funding models provide a path to success. With a wider range of options, FPF will help you in achieving your individual goals and risk tolerance. Visit the FPF website today to explore these exciting new instant funding models and take the first step toward trading success!