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Every trader dreamt of turning forex trading into a profitable career. It’s not just a dream; it’s a reality for many successful traders at Forex Prop Firm around the world.

Today, we’re going to share the hidden details about the successful journey of Arnoud Wafo, a forex trader from Cameroon. Arnoud has recently made it into the news with a magnificent milestone.

Arnoud is a seasoned trader with 6+ years of experience where he made an impressive profit of $8000. He has shared with us his trading tips and insights, strategies, and the keys to his success.

Let’s explore the motivating story of Arnoud, a South African forex trader who achieved a remarkable achievement. Discover how he secured over $8,000 in profits through a funded Forex prop firm account.

About Arnoud Wafo

Arnoud is a 32-year-old, South African forex trader who has been trading for 6+ years. He possessed amazing expertise in day trading and swing trading. 

According to Arnoud Wafo, his success is due to the continuous adaptation of trading styles based on market conditions. He demonstrated how flexibility and adaptability could be the major traits for success in the forex market.

You can also witness the successful journey of another South African trader, Goat Andy who credits Forex Prop Firm for his achievements.

Favourite Trading Pairs

Arnoud’s know the importance of trading major currency pairs. He preferred trading gold and JPY pairs, particularly EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY. 

He has proved the importance of currency pairs in identifying profitable trading opportunities. He personally focused on analyzing the JPYX index to identify trading opportunities across multiple JPY pairs. His strategies and trading decisions has so far gained him immense profit.

Key Takeaways from Arnoud’s Strategy

Adaptability is the Key: 

Arnoud doesn’t restrict himself to a single trading style. He proved the importance of adaptation in unexpected market conditions. His journey is a blend of day trading and swing trading strategies whenever needed.

Technical Expertise: 

Price action and technical indicators are the foundation of Arnoud’s trading strategy. He leverages tools like Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) for trade confirmation.

He has showcased how technical indicators and tools can be a game changer.

Focus on JPY Pairs: 

The Japanese Yen (JPY) plays a significant role in Arnoud’s trading triumph. By analyzing the JPY index (JPYX), he identifies profitable trading opportunities across JPY currency pairs.

Strategic Session Selection: 

Recognizing the importance of volatility, Arnoud prioritizes the London session for his trades. He acknowledges the lower volume in the Asian session and avoids trading during that time.

Risk Management: 

Arnoud sticks to his risk management principle, where he typically allocates 1% per trade. However, he advised to make risk adjustments based on market conditions and the phase of a prop firm challenge (evaluation vs. funded).

Discipline and Routine: 

Arnoud believes in the importance of a structured trading routine. He incorporates daily news analysis to stay informed and sets clear take-profit and stop-loss levels to avoid emotional influence on trading decisions.

Recommendations for Aspiring Traders

For fellow forex  traders, Arnoud recommends starting with a prop firm account, such as (FPF). 

He highlights the benefits of prop firm accounts, which offer a restriction-free environment for affiliated traders compared to individual traders who are trading with their own capital. 

Arnoud highly praises the FPF’s evaluation program, which features a generous drawdown limit, making it easier for traders to pass the evaluation phase and secure Instant funding.

The Power of Forex Prop Firm Funding

Arnoud credits his success to the forex prop firm’s account. His journey is highlighting the advantages of trading with prop firm capital. These accounts eliminate the risk of potential losses and allow you to trade in a stress free manner.

Benefit yourself with trading capital of credible prop firms like Forex Prop Firm. With a focus on discipline, proper risk management, perfect trading strategy, and adaptable trading style, you too can turn your forex trading dreams into a reality.


We believe that the amazing journey of Arnoud Wafo could be the inspiration for many others in South Africa. It exemplifies how prop firms can maximize the potential for success in forex trading.

Arnoud’s journey is all about the importance of discipline, adaptability, and strategic decision-making. His achievements are a testament for the Forex prop firm and its trading community.

For traders, especially from South Africa, who want to be the next successful trader, explore credible prop firms like Forex Prop Firm, where you can have encouraging evaluation programs and generous funding opportunities to evolve your trading career to new levels.