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The highest Passing rate of challenges in the Industry? Forex Prop Firm is one of the leading prop firms with the highest passing rate of challenges ever seen in the Industry. Read more to have a look at the prop firm passing challenge rate of our 2-step challenge model for May, June, July, August, and September, and also the passing rate of a 1-step challenge for June, July, August, and September.

Passing Rates for Past 4 Months:

June 2023 Passing Rates:

– 2 Step Challenge: 16.26%

– 1 Step Challenge: 14.86%

July 2023 Passing Rates:

– 2 Step Challenge: 10.75%

– 1 Step Challenge: 6.62%

August 2023 Passing Rates:

– 2 Step Challenge: 17.75%

– 1 Step Challenge: 12.22%

– 2 Step Challenge Pro: 8.18%

September 2023 Passing Rates:

– 2 Step Challenge: 13.78%

– 1 Step Challenge: 10.59%

– 2 Step Challenge Pro: 9.26%

Total average passing rate: 12.28% 

Our passing rates are consistently among the highest in the industry, a testament to the quality of our program and the dedication of our traders. We challenge you to find a top prop firm with a better passing rate.

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What is Proprietary Trading?

Prop trading is a method for trading where financial establishments (particularly exchanging firms) lend financing money to dealers, permitting them to trade and procure a benefit. In return for this strategy, the created benefit is normally split between the firm and the trader, with the trader getting somewhere in the range of half to 90% of the benefits, and the firm getting many benefits too. Talented merchants can procure many dollars in benefits from trading without risking their cash, and prop trading permits them to get to a bigger pool of capital than they could have exclusively.


When you pick a period, track down a steady strategy. For instance, a few brokers like to purchase, sell, and support resistance. Others favour trading breakouts. Some prefer to trade considering the help of crossovers and indicators like utilising pointers, like MACD (moving average convergence divergence).

When you pick a framework or philosophy, test it to check whether it deals with a reliable premise and gives an edge. Assuming your framework is solid over half of the time, you ought to look at that as an edge, regardless of whether it’s a little one. Test a couple of procedures, and when you track down one that conveys a reliably sure result, remain with it and test it with different instruments and different periods.

Market (Instrument)

You will find that specific instruments give better trading results than others. Unpredictable trading instruments make it hard to deliver a triumphant framework. In this manner, it is important to test your framework on various instruments to verify that your framework’s “character” coordinates with the instrument being traded. For instance, assuming you were exchanging the USD/JPY cash pair in the Forex market, you might find that opposition levels and Fibonacci are more dependable.

Your Forex Trading Mentality

Behaviour is a vital piece of the trading system, and in this manner, your mentality and attitude ought to reflect these attributes:

●     Tolerance

When you know the expectations from your framework, have the persistence to trust that the cost will arrive at the levels that your framework shows for either the place of passage or exit. On the off chance that your framework shows a section at a specific level yet the market never arrives at it, then continue toward the following open door. There will continuously be another exchange.

●     Discipline

Discipline is the capacity to show restraint — to neglect to move until your framework sets off an activity point. Some of the time, the cost activity won’t arrive at your expected price tag. As of now, you should have the discipline to trust in your framework and not to re-think it. Discipline is likewise the capacity to pull the trigger when your framework shows to do so. This is particularly valid for stopping misfortunes.

●     Objectivity

Emotional detachment or objectivity additionally relies upon the dependability of your framework or approach. Assuming you have a framework that gives passage and leave levels that you view as dependable, you don’t have to become profound or permit yourself to be impacted by the assessment of others. Your framework ought to be dependable enough so you can be positive about following up on its signs.

Risk Control

Eventually, effective trading is about risk control. Attempt to get your trade in the right direction. Assess your framework, make changes, and keep trying. This training requires persistence and learning to make progress.


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