Achieving Milestones: The Journey to Processing $128,000 Payouts in a Week - Forex Prop Firm

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The Forex trade industry is growing and getting competitive with every passing day. As the numbers of prop firms are increasing, the scam risks are also increasing. Traders are well aware of fraudulent networks and activities, hence they seek credibility and reliability before making any decisions.

Testimonials, reviews, proof, and evidence are some of the main aspects of transparency criteria before trusting a prop firm. That’s why Forex Prop Firm never claims anything without proof. Forex prop firm has achieved an awestruck feat by processing payouts of $128K in just 7 days! Our achievement doesn’t only reflect FPF’s commitment to its traders but also highlights its credibility in the forex industry.

The Significance of Instant Payouts

Forex Prop Firm understands the importance of timely payouts, as it’s a crucial matter for traders. We’ve been efficiently processing payouts since January 2022.Forex Prop Firm approves payouts within 24 hours, and they process in 1-5 business days. Traders can request the payout with a single click or email.

We have partnered with multiple banks to ensure quick uninterrupted transactions. Not only this, we’ve recently opted for Rise implementation as our primary processor to provide prompt access to funds.

Forex Prop Firm’s Remarkable Payout History

$128K is another achievement but it’s not the first time we’ve processed such a huge payout amount. 

Forex Prop Firm has a history of efficient payouts. Since our inception, we’ve processed more than $6M+ payouts. In Our launch year, we’ve achieved the figures of $1.8M+ and in 2023, the amount of Payouts crossed $4.5M+. 

Not only this, on our monthly records we’ve processed amazing numbers of payouts consistently. Some significant payouts we processed were as follows.


Month Payout Processed
July 23 $340K+
September 23 $500K+
November 23 $400K+
December 23 $210K+

Credible Proof of Payouts

Evidence and transparency build trust like none. Forex Prop Firm provides payout proofs and documented evidence to the trading community to gain their trust.


Forex prop Firm never compromise on their credibility and trader’s convenience. We share receipts of withdrawals and transactions, and testimonials of our traders to build a great relationship with our community.

You can also watch the interviews of our traders on YouTube, who have achieved great financial stability by utilizing the resources at the forex prop firm. Read the success stories to learn secret strategies and tips from successful traders here.

Empowering Traders with Choice

Forex Prop Firm offers multiple funding options to cater to traders’ preferences.
Traders have options to choose whether they want instant funding or to evaluate themselves through 1 step challenge or multi-step challenge, with a time limit or without a time limit.

FPF also has multiple payout methods and multiple bank partners to enhance the security, efficiency, and accessibility of our traders’ funds. With restriction-free trading conditions and funding capital up to $10M, Our traders have finite chances to be successful.

Our Traders Community Built on Trust

Forex Prop Firm holds the values to empower traders like no other prop firm in the forex trading industry. At ForexPropFirm, we’re dedicated to empowering our traders every step of the way.

Our transparent practices, reliable support, and timely payouts distinguish us from other prop firms. Join our community today and discover the difference for yourself.

Join Forex Prop Firm to become a part of our community that is built on trust and credibility. We are committed to supporting our traders unconditionally. We’re here to help newbies achieve their trading goals.


Forex Prop Firm is gaining popularity with its record-breaking triumphs since its launch. With the recent $128K processed payout in just 7 days, we have become one of the most trustworthy prop firms.

Traders are prioritizing forex prop firm for Instant Funding payouts and relying on us because of our seamless transactions and smooth withdrawals.

Forex Prop Firm supports traders and works tirelessly for their convenience. Traders’ Empowerment and a restriction-free trading environment are Our motives to grow. Join FPF today and elevate your financial stability to the next level.