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Krina Sucess Story

Forex Prop Firm is committed to empowering traders and keeping the morale of traders high, we consistently share the success stories of our traders. Beginner traders can learn from the strategies of our successful traders to become the next best Forex trader.

Today we are sharing the story of a young trader, Krina Patel. She is a 23-year-old research analyst in a finance company, who began her trading journey and her remarkable achievements led her to win a FREE challenge account. 

Krina was our guest on our YouTube channel. Her story reveals a lot about mind-blowing trading strategies, consistency and the worth of Trading Plans in the forex market. 

Let us share the key points of her journey to discover how you can also become the best trader using the platform of a forex prop firm just like her.

Krina’s Trading Journey

Krina started her trading journey two years ago during the COVID-19 pandemic. She began in the Indian stock market but later transitioned to forex trading. Her favourite currency pairs are gold and US 30, and she primarily focuses on day trading, with a preference for the New York session due to its volatility.

Krina’s Trading Strategy

Krina trades in the M5 and M15 timeframes, using moving averages and trend analysis to make informed decisions. She follows a risk-reward ratio strategy, aiming for one to two or one to three risk-to-reward ratios, with a risk of one percent per trade.

Key Lessons Learned

One of the key lessons Krina learned is to focus on her trading journey and strategy rather than following others. She stopped making assumptions and relying on telegram channels for signals, instead applying her strategies, which ultimately led to her success.

Krina’s Trading Success

Krina’s most significant trading success was winning a challenge account worth $25,000 after facing losses and challenges in her trading journey. After surviving challenges, this achievement restored her confidence and motivated her to accomplish her trading goals.

Continuous Improvement

To continuously improve her trading skills, Krina learns from YouTube videos, strategies, indicators, and her professional trader friend. She focuses on daily chart analysis, including moving averages, trends, and market news, to enhance her trading knowledge and skills.

Future Goals

Krina’s future goal is to become a consistent and professional trader, aiming to win the first rank in trading competitions. Her determination and dedication are the driving forces behind her ambition to succeed in the forex trading world.


Krina’s story is proof that to be a successful trader, you need a solid trading plan with a combination of various strategies. Discipline and continuous learning will help you achieve great milestones in the forex industry. With these success stories, you can stay motivated in your journey. Follow the footsteps of our star traders, and start your journey to becoming the next best using the platform of a trading prop firm like Forex Prop Firm (FPF).