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With the recent shocking development in the forex market where The Funded Trader Prop Firm Closed its operation out of nowhere with the announcement of a temporary shutdown. TFT was a renowned prop firm with many affiliated traders. This unexpected move has caused trouble for traders as their investments and savings are at stake. So Far it seems like the TFT has lost its credibility and worth.

Traders searching for a reliable prop trading firm are left with numerous questions but they shouldn’t lose hope. Among all the uncertain situations and scams in the forex market, there is still a promising alternative i.e. Forex Prop Firm (FPF).

This blog will provide you with a detailed comparison between The Funded Traders and Forex Prop Firm. Find Out How we maintain the highest standards for traders with a super-empowering trading environment. Also, it is not the first time that FPF has come to the rescue, we were also the trader’s first choice when FTMO closed its operation in the US.

Background and Overview

The Funded Traders:

The Funded Traders was established in 2021 and gained attention as a reliable prop trading firm in the USA. TFT provided trading capital for traders interested in Forex trading. They had various account sizes and challenges so traders could prefer according to their trading styles.

Forex Prop Firm:

On the other hand, the Forex Prop Firm (FPF) has now completed 8 years in the industry. We are the preferred choice of many traders. With 4,100 traders, our community is growing every day. We have satisfied more than 20k clients with extraordinary services. 

Forex Prop Firm has a solid reputation because of transparency standards. With our substantial funding and attractive profit-sharing models, we have processed $7M+ Payouts for our traders.

Account Sizes and Challenges

The Funded Traders:

The Funded Traders offered account sizes ranging from $5000 to $400,000, with traders required to pass specific challenges to access funded accounts. These challenges varied in duration and profit targets, providing traders with opportunities to showcase their skills and qualify for funding.

Forex Prop Firm:

Forex Prop Firm presents a streamlined approach with multiple funding models – the 1-step Model Evaluation Process and the 2-step Model Evaluation Process. Traders can choose from a range of account sizes, starting from $10,000 up to $400,000, and earn a 10% virtual profit during the assessment phase. With no time limits and straightforward criteria, Forex Prop Firm simplifies the funding process for traders.

Profit Share and Payouts

The Funded Traders:

The Funded Traders offered an 80% profit split for traders who successfully passed the challenges and earned funding. This profit split could increase up to 90% with account scaling, providing traders with a generous payout structure.

Forex Prop Firm:

Forex Prop Firm maintains a competitive profit-sharing model, offering a default profit split of 90/10 for traders who pass the evaluation phase. Additionally, Forex Prop Firm allows for-profit split upgrades up to 100% based on trader performance, empowering traders to maximize their earnings.

Quick Comparison

FeatureThe Funded Traders (TFT)Forex Prop Firm (FPF)
Account Sizes OfferedVaried (Standard, Royal, etc.)Varied ($5k – $2 Million)
Evaluation Phases2-3 Phases1-2 Phases
Profit TargetsModerate (8-10%)Flexible Options
Drawdown RulesEquity-Based (Stricter)Balance-Based & Flexible Options
Trading PeriodUnlimitedFlexible Options
Scaling PlansAvailable for Most ChallengesAvailable for All Accounts
Profit SplitCompetitiveIndustry-leading (up to 80%)
Withdrawal FrequencyBi-weekly (Some Challenges)Weekly & Bi-weekly Options

FPF’s Advantages: A Clear Winner

As you can see, FPF offers a similar variety of account sizes as TFT, catering to different risk tolerances. However, FPF goes a step further by providing simulated capital upto $10 million – a true testament to their commitment to scaling success.

Evaluation phases are either on par or streamlined with FPF, reducing unnecessary hurdles. Profit targets remain achievable while offering some flexibility in FPF’s programs.

The real game-changer lies in drawdown rules. Unlike TFT’s equity-based system, FPF primarily uses a balance-based approach, offering more breathing room for intraday fluctuations. Additionally, FPF provides the option for add-ons to further customize drawdown limits.

Flexibility is Key

Both firms offered unlimited trading periods, but FPF took it a step further with additional flexibility options. Scaling plans are convenient at FPF, ensuring a smooth transition to larger accounts based on your performance. This eliminates the need to constantly requalify for bigger challenges.


The forex trading landscape can be challenging, but finding the right prop firm doesn’t have to be. While TFT’s closure left a gap, FPF emerged as a clear leader, offering a feature-rich platform to empower forex traders of all experience levels. With its flexible options, industry-leading profit splits, and commitment to scaling success, FPF provides the ideal conditions for your forex trading goals.